Train Travel by Paschim Express from Surat to Faridabad

I was super excited as the vacations were coming nearer and I had planned for a trip to Faridabad this vacation. The company of my four best buddies added to the charm of the journey. As we were students, we decided to make the trip as simple as possible without the unnecessary addition of extra frills. We made tickets on the online web portal from Surat to Faridabad in the Paschim Express. The train originates from Bandra Terminus in Mumbai, Maharashtra and finishes up at Kalka. The train stopped at the Surat Junction at 3:45 pm in the afternoon. As the train stopped for just 2 minutes at the particular junction, we had hurried up and came into the bogie as fast as we could.

Surat Railway Station

Surat Railway Station | Image Resource :

Paschim Express

Paschim Express | Image Resource :

Paschim Express 2925

Paschim Express 2925 | Image Resource :

The entire journey from Surat, Gujarat to Faridabad was of 1025 kilometers. We had booked our seats in the second tier sleeper class owing to the constraint of strict and tight budget. Journeys via train are affordable and yet fun-filled. And the one called Paschim Express such a train that is very cost economic. There is an attached pantry car inside the train which serves delicious and healthy food throughout the journey. Our journey included an entire night in the train and the presence of the pantry did not make us starve for food or look out for food at every other station.

The train crossed through several major junctions like Vadodara, Meghnagar, Ratlam, Nagda junction, Shamgarh, Ramganj Mandi, Kota junction, Himndaun city, Bharatpur junction, Mathura and finally reached at Faridabad. The different junctions it was passing through were small and big and proportionate amount of people were joining over in each station. Since it was the sleeper class hawkers and beggars were laso coming over the train just for the sake of fun. It was quite irritating at times. However, the time spent in the train during the evening and night was much candid. I enjoyed the outer adornment of the nature through the hilly, rocky, sandy, and posh land traces.

Faridabad Railway Station

Faridabad Railway Station | Image Resource :

Journeys through train in India are perhaps the most beautiful experience, and it becomes great when you are going for the best trip of your life along with your best friends. The Paschim Express fulfilled my dream of a memorable journey.


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