Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai – An Ultimate Artistic Point

I had reached the sixth day of my stay in Mumbai and with every passing day I was falling in love with the lifestyle and culture of the city. The art and style of the buildings of Mumbai had already impressed me. So on the sixth day morning I wanted to visit a place where I could see the modernized and contemporary art forms of the city. I went through my Travel Guide book and finally concluded that I would visit the Jehangir Art Gallery.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai Entrance

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai Entrance | Image Resource :

The Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai was founded by Cowassi Jehangir in the year 1952. Since then the art forms of the city by various artists are preserved in the gallery. People often visit Jehangir Art Gallery as the place is filled with a good ambience and all the art stories are kept conserved through the paintings in an exhibited pattern. You would find this gallery as an exhibition in more or less way. Several other visiting places near the Jehangir Art Gallery are the Prince of Wales Museum, Gateway of India and Kala Ghoda.

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The splendid art gallery is set amidst the wide streets of Mumbai, however; one would never feel the hustle and bustle of the city inside it. The place is calm and soothing and therefore one can spend a really happy time all by own, just walking inside it. The art gallery is one of the most prestigious locations for the Indian artists whose arts are kept there for an exhibition. It takes several years for an artist’s work to get placed in the Jehangir Art Gallery and which is why it is one of the most precious and prestigious places in the city.

A visitor is not charged anything for visiting the Jehangir Art Gallery. The visiting time for outsiders’ remains fixed from 11 a.m. in the morning to 7 p.m. in the evening. The art gallery remains open on all days and therefore one can visit anytime during the week according to their wish. I was quite happy and contented to visit the gallery; however prhotography was not allowed inside it.


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