Aksa Beach, Mumbai – A Natural Beauty across the City

It was the afternoon of the fifth day stay in Mumbai and I was feeling energetic. Therefore I decided to take a stroll in the beaches of the city. Mumbai is one such city which is surrounded by the sea from all three sides. Therefore the climate of the city is always maritime. I was enjoying my stay in Mumbai through al these days. I decided to go to the Aksa beach that afternoon. The Aksa beach is located in Malad which is yet another popular location in Mumbai. There are several suburbs in the city and Malad is one of them. There is a small village near the Aksa beach known as Madh. One would find several cottages and hotels near the area and it always remains filled with large number of people. Youngsters take casual walk in the beach whereas one would also find some elderly people coming in the evening to enjoy a quality time with their solitude. Weekends are especially more crowded in the Aksa Beach.

Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach Mumbai | Image Resource : flickr.com/photos/vinay8484/8653953909

The sunset and sunrise views of the beach are really breathtaking. The enchanting palm trees and the golden sand are always calling. As I roamed through the beach, I could experience the fresh air hitting my face. The cold water from the sea touched and went across my feet. I was feeling relaxed and was satisfied.

Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach Mumbai | Image Resource : charmsofindia.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/aksa-beach-mumbai

It is heard that the beach was earlier a very quiet and unused place in Mumbai, but slowly it has gained momentum and now this place is one of the most visited parts for the people in Mumbai. You would find certain stalls where foods like ‘paav-bhaji’, some nuts, tea and coffee are sold and they often quench your thirst and hunger. Moreover the place is also filled with several beach side restaurants and resorts. So people can have a good stay in these hotels. As I am always attracted towards sporty activities and they have always been a part of me since my childhood, I went ahead with the football, volleyball, beach volleyball games that were conducted near the beach. I was quite happy and contented with my evening that day.


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