Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai – An Abode for the Richest Fauna of the City

It was the third day of my stay in Mumbai and I was looking forward to spend the day in a nonchalant manner. I was always interested in science and animal life from the beginning of my childhood. As this time I was traveling to Mumbai all by myself, I was free to take up my own choices and fulfill my wishes. I wanted to visit a national park or a sanctuary that day. To know more about a place it is always required to learn about the wildlife and flora of the place. So visiting a national park was the best option. I decided to pay a visit to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai which is located in Borivali. Borivali is one of the suburbs of the city where many rich and affluent people reside. The major attractions of the park are tiger and lion safari. People flock around the national park in thousands of numbers and the area remains crowded always.

One would find about 25 lions and 6 tigers in the national park which also includes 2 white Indian tigers in its treasury. The entire lion safari is spread across an area of 12 hectares whereas the tiger safari is spread over an area of 20 hectares of land. Apart from these lovely safaris, one can also find the ever green natural environment covered with thick and lush green vegetation. Several trees and shrubs like those of bamboo, teak, kusum, ain and khair are found in the national park which is more or less like a gush of cool air amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. All in all, one would find 800 species of flowering plants and about 150 species of butterflies in this park which roam freely within the natural environment.

Muntjac At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Muntjac At Sanjay Gandhi National Park | Image Resource :

White Indian Tiger

White Indian Tiger | Image Resource :

There are several endangered species also preserved in the national park that are kept in their natural-like environment. The Muntjac, chital and spotted deer are few of the endangered species that are seen here. Sanjay Gandhi National Park has a tropical climate and therefore such animals are still found here. My trip to the national park was certainly over satisfying.


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