Gateway of India, Mumbai – A Historic Remark of India

I was thrilled to have visited Mumbai after such a long time. I was expecting a lot more from the city and I could even sense this feeling from the start of my journey. My first day in Mumbai was on a Sunday morning. I reached my hotel after I reached there and unpacked my bags. I carried my necessary belongings like camera, water bottle and wallet and started heading towards the Gateway of India. The Gate of India is located in the South Mumbai and is one of the finest visiting places of the city. Every single person visiting Mumbai visits this historic gate at least once. The entire gate is unique in itself as there is water surrounding it from all the sides. The gate is built from reinforced concrete and yellow basalt.

Gateway Of India Mumbai

Gateway Of India Mumbai | Image Resource :

Gateway Of India

Gateway Of India | Image Resource :

The Gateway of Indian stands still facing the Arabian Sea and the most prominent attraction of the gate is the area nearby. Marine drive is what attracts people from all over the country to visit the gateway and spend a quality time with loved ones at the Marine Drive. The history of the gateway is also splendid. It was built during the British reign and its height entire height is of 26 meters. During the British rule, the gateway was built to commemorate the entry of Queen Mary and King George V to Mumbai in the year 1911. The entire construction took a time of 4 years to get completed.

Gateway Of India Mumbai

Gateway Of India Mumbai | Image Resource :

The Central Dome of the majestic gate is about 15 meters in diameter and the total estimated cost incurred during the 20th century was more than 21 lakhs. However the hard work of the builders and the people who were involved in building the Gateway of India has paid off. The gate now attracts a large number of tourists and visitors from all over the world. You would also notice the Taj Hotel from one side of the Gateway of India. The hotel is one of the most magnificent works of the city and it resembles to a palace. I clicked a lot of pictures and spent a quality time at the historic construction piece.


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