The Happening Blue Frog Pub, Delhi Opposite Qutub Minar

After being and enjoying at some of the most famous tourist destinations in Delhi, I decided to hang out for some time in one of the most famous pubs in Delhi. I had gathered plenty of info about the different kinds of discos in Delhi and finally, chose to go to the Blue Frog Pub, Delhi, which was located just opposite to the iconic Qutub Minar. I could get a nice view from the pub, which was one of the best places to hang out with your friends. Being a student it was better to look for the economical pubs or discos around the city. The pub was extremely affordable and charged 1000 bucks of entry fee and provided complimentary drinks as well. This helped as I could easily get the complimentary services and hang out for some time. I was all alone and so I preferred to go and enjoy all by myself. The music that was played was extremely soothing. It was one of those pubs that remained open till late night.

Blue Frog Pub Delhi

Blue Frog Pub Delhi | Image Resource :

The pub offered different kinds of cuisines of European, Italian and Mediterranean origin. I could easily see people of all ages having a gala time at the pub. I was a big fan of Italian food and so I ordered an Italian dish with some beer. The place was best suited for families as well as individuals like me as there was a separate arrangement for everyone. It was linked via the metro station such as the Qutub Minar metro station or else the Saket metro station, which was just 1.4 kilometres away. The place was fully air conditioned along with Wi-Fi internet service and I was able to check out my emails and other Face book pages.

Beer & Italian Food

Beer & Italian Food | Image Resource :,

I stayed in the Blue Frog Pub, Delhi for an hour or so and enjoyed every bit of it. The food and drink were really awesome and is good for guys who were completely new to the place. I ended my trip for that day and planned to start next morning from the Lodhi garden. From the pub I took an auto directly to the hotel where I had checked in; it was close to the railway station.


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