Adventure Island Delhi – Full of Fun and Entertainment

The Adventure Island Delhi is one of the newest amusement parks that is set up in the capital and is an ideal place for families, who come with their kids. There are lots of other facilities that made the place better for all individuals irrespective of their ages. The place is situated in sector ten of Rohini and is near to the Red Line metro station. I was alone during my visit to the park, but I decided to enjoy some of the rides and the stunt shows, which were being performed inside the island and looked quite exciting. I learnt that during weekends and other holidays, the amusement park was filled with individuals and many kids. The amusement park was open from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening on all seven days. I had to pay 500 rupees for entering the island but the experience that I had in return was worth it. I knew that the kids were being charged with 450 rupees for entering the same.

Adventure Island Delhi

Adventure Island Delhi | Image Resource :

The project was spread over a vast area and there were lots of amusement activities, which included the Cyclone, Flip out, Z force, Wild wheels, Bush Buggies, Fire brigade, Sky Riders, Twister, Wild Wheels, Derby Devils, Trail train, Floating boat, and many more. This is the best place to spend some quality time with your family and kids. I could easily spot many food courts within the park and decided to have some snacks from them. Apart from the amusement park, there was a shopping mall, which looked world class with respect to the facilities available. This was the best part of the amusement park and I enjoyed every bit of my stay there.

Cyclone At Adventure Island Delhi

Cyclone At Adventure Island Delhi | Image Resource :

Sky Rider At Adventure Island Delhi

Sky Rider At Adventure Island Delhi | Image Resource :

The Adventure Island Delhi was connected via the metro station and I also saw other modes of transportation that connected it to other places. The place also had some famous water parks, which were quite unique and interesting. My time in Delhi was slowly coming towards the end and overall, it was a memorable experience. There had been a lot of changes in the past few years and the government had taken sufficient steps to maintain all the tourist spots.


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