The Secret behind the Najafgarh Lake Delhi

The Najafgarh Lake Delhi, which was also called the Najafghar Marsh or Jheel, meaning lake, was a huge lake located in the south-western parts of Delhi close to Najafgarh. The lake was given this name due to the place of its location. Initially, the lake was connected to the river Yamuna by a natural drain or the nullah and it was called the Najafgarh nullah. To prevent the city from the dangers of flood, the officials had decided to widen the drain. On that pretext, the drain had grown to become a huge structure. It was known that the lake basin had occupied around 300 square kilometres, which was big enough. Until the year 1960 when the drain was widened, this was a habitat for a large number of birds, especially the Siberian crane. Even in the pre-independence time, many British officials used to visit the place for fun and hunting experiences.

Najafgarh Lake Delhi

Najafgarh Lake Delhi | Image Resource :

With time the scenery changed and now it is a nice place to visit. I learnt that it drew many tourists and visitors from different parts of the globe. The wetland over here is extremely helpful for the irrigation and the surrounding cultivations. There were lots of cultivable lands surrounding the place and in the rainy season, the water accumulated in the basin. We saw some famous dignitaries and officials visiting the place, which created a completely different ambience with their security personnel around. It was really an amazing experience in Delhi and after I finished my trip to Najafgarh Lake, I chose to have lunch. There were lots of restaurants and dhabas near the road and I decided to stop by any one of those to have a nice meal. The food was really delicious and I had some spicy food after a long time.

Birds On Najafgarh Lake

Birds On Najafgarh Lake | Image Resource :

My experience in the Najafgarh Lake Delhi was lovely and I decided to visit one of the most famous discos and night clubs after that for a break. I knew that Delhi had always been famous for the most amazing night life. Since I visited lots of destinations that day, I  thought chilling me with beer and some drinks in a pub would be a superb idea to enjoy a night in Delhi.


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