The Beautiful Lush Greenery Surrounding Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

On the next day, after I had taken my breakfast early morning, I started my journey for the second day. I began it with the Lodhi Gardens, Delhi, which was near to the Indian International Centre and was just three kilometres from the Humayun Tomb. I could easily reach the place from the hotel I was staying in. It was one of the most famous historical buildings and I learnt that it was built in memory of two eminent individuals whose tombs were placed centrally in the garden. The tombs were in memory of Sayyid and Lodhi rulers. The garden was established during the 15th and 16th centuries by the then rulers of Delhi, Sayyid and Lodhi Rulers. The best attraction about the park or the garden was its monuments and other ancient sculptures, which was still well-maintained and preserved. All such things that were associated with the rich history of this place had made it an attractive location for tourists.

Lodhi Garden New Delhi

Lodhi Garden New Delhi | Image Resource :

Later, the garden was redesigned by Stein and Eckbo in the year 1968 and I could see the new version or the upgraded look. In the garden, I got to see the two tombs which belonged to Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodhi of the Lodhi Dynasty. On entering the garden I was informed about the historical events associated with the garden, which made the place excessively special. While I could see some people who had come with their family on one side, on the other side, I could view some morning freaks practising yoga and other exercises. I always love to capture some of the most amazing scenery and the entire view in the middle of the foggy weather of this early morning was unforgettable.

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The Lodhi Gardens in Delhi housed the Bara and Sheesh Gumbad in the center, which spoke a lot about the glory of that time. There was a famous Khan market, which surrounded the place and was a nice place to visit for tourists. The place was completely calm and was ideal for spending some soothing moments. After experiencing some awesome moments in the Gardens, I headed towards the Adventure Island in Delhi.


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