The Famous National Zoological Park Delhi

National Zoological Park Delhi

National Zoological Park Delhi | Image Resource :

From the most iconic and unique structures of Indian history, I had moved towards the National Zoological Park Delhi, which was famous for its wide range of animals and different species. The zoo was spread in nearly 176 acres of land and located near the Old Fort of Delhi. The zoo was famous for some of the rarest animals and birds. It was believed that the zoo acted as the home for around 1350 animals, which represented nearly 130 species of both animals and birds from different parts of the world. The zoo could be covered on foot or using a battery-operated car, which was available on rent. The most important thing that was associated with the zoo was that visitors couldn’t bring water or food while coming to the place. I could find all such arrangements within the premise itself. The place was full on weekends and I could even find many foreigners visiting the place.

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The zoo was famous for lots of animals such as the hippopotamus, giraffes, gir lion, chimpanzee, zebras, spider monkey, African buffalo, and many more. Some of the famous breeds of birds that were found there were peafowl, jaguars, etc. The main point of attraction was the reptile house, which was built underground. The zoo was established way after the capital city was built and was inaugurated in the year 1959. Since then, it continued to be one of the most famous destinations. There were many researches and studies carried out on some of the species such as the black deer, white tiger, leopard, rhino, crocodile, etc.

In the early years, the zoo was named as Delhi Zoo, but in 1982 the name was changed to the National Zoological Park Delhi. It was also famous for its different flora and fauna, which were open for the visitors to experience. There was a beautiful garden, which was well maintained and exhibited the beauty of nature. It was a nice visit and I took the opportunity of capturing all the best moments with my camera as it would help me to remember those moments in the coming years. From there I headed towards the Najafgarh Lake, which was a few minutes distance from the park.


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