Significance of Textile markets In Surat

I live in Surat and keep traveling to lot of places in and out of Gujarat. Most of these places are tourist hangouts. However, there are certain places that have great importance amongst the people of Gujrat. I am talking about Surat’s very own textile markets. The textile market in Surat is amongst the most popular markets in India. It is quite popular for its countless textile shops, varied collections, and the revenue. It is also amongst the top revenue generating markets in Gujarat.

The Textile Industries in Surat mostly create and trade synthetic textile products as well as traditional garments. Thus, the shops in Surat offers the visitors with numerous textile garments mostly Sarees and dress materials. I decided to do a little research on Surat’s textile industry and was astonished when I learned that everyday around Twenty-five million metres of processed fabric and thirty million meters of raw fabric are manufactured in the city of Surat.

Millenium Market Surat

Millenium Market Surat | Image Resource :

Surat has many textile markets and every month a new market is created. Some of the major market in Surat are Millenium Market, Surat Textile market and the most famous Bombay retail market, which is daily visited by hundreds of buyer and merchants from different part of the country. Over the period, textile industry in Surat has flourished due to the best quality garments offered, detailed embroidery and excellent craftsmanship of the garment designers.

Zari Works In Surat

Zari Works In Surat | Image Resource :,,

Garment having Zari work on it are admired across the world since they are hand woven by skilled local designers from Surat. These Zari Sarees and their beautiful embroidered drapes have a great demand in India as well as abroad.

Surat is on its way to revolutionizing the Indian Textile industry. A large number of Industries in Surat are using advanced technologies for creating garment with traditional as well as modern designs.

Textile Impacting Machinery

Textile Impacting Machinery | Image Resource :

Introduction of such technology has helped in bringing down cost of expenditure and increase the quality of product. Offering the buyer with the most beautiful range of garments at an affordable rate.


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