Kishangarh Fort Ajmer – A Must Visit Place At Ajmer

After my visit to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, I decided to go to Kishangarh Fort Ajmer, which lies about 27 km from the city. I had the cab from the hotel take me to the place. On the way I had my breakfast, as I didn’t have it early in the morning at the hotel. I reached the fort by 10 am and was very impressed by the massive structure.

Kishangarh Fort Ajmer

Kishangarh Fort Ajmer | Image Resource :

The fort was built by Maharaja Roop Singh in 1649, and is also known as Roopangarh Fort. It is a blend of Mughal and Rajput style of architecture and very appealing in appearance. It consists of a deep moated wall, which makes entry inside a difficult task. The fort was built on a vast area and consisted of granaries, jails and many other structures. One thing that drew my attention inside the fort was a large Darbar hall, which was two storied. It was richly decorated, and on the upper floor the hall had latticed windows where the queens can sit and view the proceedings at the hall without being seem by people at the hall.

Kishangarh Fort Ajmer

Kishangarh Fort Ajmer | Image Resource :

Phool Mahal Palace Kishangarh

Phool Mahal Palace Kishangarh | Image Resource :

Phool Mahal or the Flower Palace is another attraction in the fort, which reveals the rich lifestyle of the Rajputs. It is an imposing palace and there were steps leading to it. The walls of the palace are decorated with mural paintings and tastefully decorated. This palace is now a heritage hotel. There were 20 well decorated and traditionally furnished rooms in the palace.

Kishangarh Lake Ajmer

Kishangarh Lake Ajmer | Image Resource :

Going further, I came upon a courtyard, which was large and spectacular, with beautiful fountains. I also saw some 18th century paintings in the fort, which is now world famous as Bani Thani style of painting. Many art lovers visit here to have a look at these rare paintings. Reaching the roof of the fort, I was able to get a spectacular view of the town of Kishangarh. I also saw many rare species of birds at the lake near the fort. The fort was much above my expectations and I went out taking with me fond memories of the visit and the beautiful paintings I saw.


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