Foy Sagar Lake Ajmer Is The Ideal Place For Picnics

On my way to foy Sagar Lake Ajmer, I got into a restaurant and had coffee and snacks. Soon I reached the lake and saw that it was a small lake in the Aravalli ranges. It was beautiful and the water was clear and calm. It is an artificial lake designed by Mr. Foy, an English engineer during the famines of 1892, to provide relief to the people in Ajmer. The lake was named after him and since then known as Foy Sagar Lake.

Foy Sagar Lake Ajmer

Foy Sagar Lake Ajmer | Image Resource :

The lake is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Ajmer and provides a beautiful view of the Aravalli Hills. The original capacity of the lake is 15 million cubic feet and it is the main source of potable water to the people in Ajmer. The correct time to visit the lake is during the monsoon times and the winter seasons, when the lake is filled with water. If you visit the place at the summer time, you will see very little water in the lake. The visiting time at the lake is from 9 am to 6 pm on all days in a week. You need not take any entry fee to visit the place.

Aravalli Hills Ajmer

Aravalli Hills Ajmer | Image Resource :

As I reached the place I saw that many people have already reached with families and friends. Being one of the picnic spots in the city, many tourists spend their time here. I walked around watching the scenery and the mountain rages at a distance. Cool air was blowing from the lake taking away all the fatigue. There were stone pavements and seating arrangements for the visitors. The huge tree with many branches that stood at the side of the lake looked old and impressive, giving shade to the tourists.

After walking for a few minutes I sat down and drank water from the mineral water bottle that I brought with me. I sat there watching the people sitting and the children playing. By 12 in the noon I got up and decided to leave the place. I had plans of visiting the Nasiyan Jain Temple and then get back to the hotel.


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