Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer Is One Of The Landmarks In The City

I had heard a lot about Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer and I was eager to visit the place if I ever visited the Ajmer. So on my first day at Ajmer, after the breakfast and taking an hour’s rest, I decided to visit the Ana Sagar Lake. They said that it was only about 1 km from the hotel. As the place was new to me, I decided to hire a cab for my visit to the lake. So I set off from my hotel at 10.30 and reached the lake within 10 minutes.

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer | Image Resource :

The lake looked large, sprawling over 13 km and I could see a lot of tourists walking here and there. The lake was constructed by Anaji Chauhan, who was the grandfather of the Famous king, Prithviraj Chauhan. It is an artificial lake and it was the local people built the catchments. The best time to visit the place is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant.

At the centre of the lake I saw an island and lots of people were going to the island by means of boats. There were also water scooters for reaching the island. A lover of adventurous sports, I opted to take the water scooter to each the island and have a ride on the lake. After returning back to the banks of the lake I took a walk around and saw that there were many fishes in the lake. Some even bought fish food from the local vendors and were busy feeding the fish.

Marble Pavilions(Bardaris) Built By Shah Jahan

Marble Pavilions(Bardaris) Built By Shah Jahan | Image Resource :

At one place I saw toy trains and small rides for children, which the kids seemed to enjoy a lot. The marble pavilions built by Shah Jahan looked very impressive and beautiful. It was built to commemorate his stay at Ajmer. Another attraction is the Daulat Bagh Gardens that surrounds the lake, which was built by Jahangir. The Indian Government renovated the garden and now it is one of the main attractions here, providing a peaceful ambience to the visitors. I spent a couple of hours at Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer and then went back to the hotel. This time I decided to walk to the hotel.


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