My Train Travel from Surat to Ajmer Junction By Ajmer Express

Being an adventurous guy, it was not long before I started making plans for my next journey. As I told you in my earlier blogs, I love adventure sports like flying and gliding, scuba diving, trekking, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, etc. Night life and going on long drives are my other passions. I have also learned horse riding. Whenever I get time, I like to indulge in one of my hobbies. After the exams I had a week holidays and I decided to go to Ajmer this time. Opting for budget travel, I booked my train tickets in Ajmer Express. My train travel from Surat to Ajmer Junction by Ajmer Express took about 14 hours.

The train was to arrive at 6.25 pm and my cousin volunteered to drop me at the station. I reached the station at 6 pm and soon there was the announcement that the train was about to arrive. The train was on time and reached the station at 6.25 pm. I got in the train and put my bag on the upper berth that was allotted to me. After a 5 minute halt the train took off.

Ajmer Express

Ajmer Express | Image Resource :

I looked to see who else were in the compartment. I saw that a family with two kids was the other occupants. The two boys looked very naughty and got scolding from their mother frequently. I smiled at them and soon the two boys got friendly and were busy playing with my mobile phone. The TTE came to check the tickets and by 9 pm I had my dinner, which was packed and put in my bag by my mother. After dinner I laid down with a book and soon went off to sleep.

After a sound sleep I got up at 7 am and got freshened up, ready to reach Ajmer and plunge into another adventurous vacation. I reached Ajmer Junction at 8.20 am and took a cab to the hotel that I had already booked online. I must say that I enjoyed my train travel from Surat to Ajmer Junction By Ajmer Express.


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