The Importance of Gabbar Hill Surat

Being born and brought up in Surat, I feel truly blessed. Why you may ask — and here I am ever ready to elaborate my reasons. First off, the city possesses a truly enchanting aura. It gives me great pleasure to be here as Surat has been one of those places that has had great historical relevance.

Gabbar Hill Surat

Gabbar Hill Surat | Image Resource :

Along with history, Surat also has its own share of mythology and hence the city is deeply rooted with both the aspects in a well-balanced manner. Surat houses innumerable locations, which carry great mythical importance. One of such sites in the city is the Gabbar Hill.

Ambaji Mata Temple Gabbar Hill

Ambaji Mata Temple Gabbar Hill | Image Resource :

Located near the extremely famous Ambaji Mata temple, Gabbar Hill is situated on the border of the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Nothing extraordinary, in fact, the simplicity of the hillock is what drives both domestic as well as international tourists to Gabbar Hill. Even I was left stunned to experience the understated scenic beauty of the hill.

I fairly remember, the hill is believed to have been the original seat of the Ambaji Mata. It is apparently also the site where child Lord Krishna had his head shaved.

Gabbar Hill is also, where goddess Mahishasur-Mardini resided for a while, as it is believed to be her divine abode.

Although the hill happens to be very steep, adding to the difficulty of climbing upon it, Gabbar Hill welcomes a considerable number of visitors and pilgrims who pay a visit to the holy place. I too have been there countless times and made it a point to climb up 300 stone steps to capture the alluring view of the landscape from the top. It has a narrow and a dangerous track but the journey gets amazing each time.

The flat top of the hill has a niche facing the Ambaji Mata temple. A well-protected lamp is kept there constantly lit up and makes a striking view at night when seen from the Ambaji temple. To add to it, there is a Pipal tree under which footsteps of the Ambaji Mata can be clearly seen. Many people gather at this spot to worship the footprints, especially on Diwali.

Apart from historical and mythological significance, I visit Gabbar Hill at least occasionally as I experience a calming and soothing feeling up there. Although it is a small hillock, it has so much to give.

Panoramic View From Gabbar Hill

Panoramic View From Gabbar Hill | Image Resource :


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