Trance The Pub, Indore – The Center for Unlimited Fun!!

It was a boring day and we spent half day in the hotel chatting and watching television. We were in a mood to plan for something really fun. I and friends decided to go to some fun activity. As we decided to make it a short-budget travel, we traveled by bus. The fun-worm within me was still active and I offered all my friends to visit the Trance Pub in Indore as I had already pre-booked for the pub through my cell phone during the travel to Indore. This pub is very famous here as it offers a variety of drinks, a dance floor with music DJ which fills the entire environment with lively spirit.

Trance The Pub Indore

Trance The Pub Indore | Image Resource :

Variety Of Drinks At Pub

Variety Of Drinks At Pub | Image Resource :

Enlightenment At Pub

Enlightenment At Pub | Image Resource :

When we stepped inside of the Pub, we stayed jaw opened by the facilities and interiors of the Pub. The food served inside the pub is of excellent quality. We chose Italian dishes, fried chips, sandwiches, pizzas and few drinks. The taste was yummy and delectable. I enjoyed it to the core of my heart.

The pub remains open from Monday to Friday, throughout the week days from 12 p.m. in the afternoon to 12 a.m. in the night. Several youngsters like us had gathered there to enjoy the ambience of music with good food. The interior of the pub is dark and well maintained with a good number of hospitable staff. The butlers inside the pub were friendly and looked after all our needs. There is also a period during the day known as ‘Happy Hours’ during which the price of the wines and beverages is slashed by 30%. But at that time, the disc jockey doesn’t remain in the pub and without loud music everything turns pale. So the best time to enjoy here is during the evening hours. The pub offers a great deal of hearty amusement and fun at very reasonable price. We came back at 7:30 in the evening, and my friends lauded my choice of pub for the night.

We enjoyed at pub for hours and return to our hotel room around 11.30 pm. goggle-eyed. The experience in the Pub is still in my memory to cherish.


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