Chhatris Indore – The Abidance of Lord Krishna

Being an ardent lover of nature and wildlife, I often bend my interest toward visiting the ancestral monuments and spiritual of India. So I planned to visit Chhatris Indore during this trip to Madhya Pradesh. We goosed out from our beds and had good bath and breakfast. During the discussion, while having our breakfast, incidentally a friend talked spiritually and that morning we decided to discover the spiritual side of India by visiting the Krishnapura Chhatris in Indore..

The place is famous for the variant of architectural resources and traditional monuments which were built hundreds of years ago. Being a nature lover, I am always on for those trips which give me knowledge about facts about India with a touch of nature and its resources.

Krishnapura Chhatri Indore

Krishnapura Chhatri Indore | Image Resource :

The Chhatris in Indore were built long ago during the reign of the Holkar dynasty in the early nineteenth century. The architecture found here is one of its kind which is evident from the standard of art performed by skilled artisans during that era. Chhatris, in English can be called as cenotaphs built in the memory of the Holkar dynasty. The memorials found here stand graciously through the time and depict some of finest art and culture of medieval India. Pyramidal spires, tombs and cenotaphs are the striking feature of this place.

Chhatris In Indore

Chhatris In Indore | Image Resource :

Carved Arches And Pillars

Carved Arches And Pillars | Image Resource :

It is noteworthy that the place also symbolizes the power of women and is a memoir of the Queens who ruled in that era. Women ruler Malwa and Maharani KrishnaBai reigned in that period and a cenotaph is built in the west side dedicated to them. As I went around the Chhatris, I observed a large hall which is meant for prayers and meetings. The delicately carved arches and pillars made of precious stone remind of the rich heritage of India. A beautiful garden known as Chhatri Bagh is built which is adorned with colorful flowers all around. A cenotaph in the memory of Bolia Sahib is built within the Chhatri Bagh. I stayed in the chhatris till night and envisioned fine illumination which brought an enchanting and breathtaking sight for the eyes of the beholders.

Ramdwara Chhatri Bagh Indore

Ramdwara Chhatri Bagh Indore | Image Resource :


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