Patalpani Waterfall Indore – The Gush of Milky Water

Whenever we get some time during our trip, I and my friends try to visit new places!!! And what can be more interesting than visiting new places in Indore? Indore contains a wide variety of flora, fauna, archaeological spots and temples. The Patalpani waterfall here at Indore is a natural abode for pure cheerful water gushing down through the high cliffs and sky-touching mountains.

Patalpani Falls are a famous picnic spot which is often occupied by large number of people, usually in groups of families or friends. The day we visited was a good day as large number of people had gathered to view the lively fall of water. The water falls from a height of 300 feet and goes down to the ground. Some of the Hindu mythological stories also make us believe that the water flowing from the cliff goes down to the Patal. The place is well enjoyed during and after the monsoons and we were in the right time. During monsoon, the flow of water is more lively and cheerful. The flora nearby surrounding the place is worthwhile to watch.

Patalpani Waterfall Indore

Patalpani Waterfall Indore | Image Resource :

As we are a bunch of adventure freaks and there are too many water sport activities conducted near the waterfalls, how could we control ourselves? We just went forward to try out the bit of our adventure spirits into river rafting. Several other sport activities like hot air balloon rides and mountain trekking are also done there where adventurous people can find good recreation.

River Rafting At Patalpani

River Rafting At Patalpani | Image Resource :

Hot Air Balloon Riding Near Patalpani

Hot Air Balloon Riding Near Patalpani | Image resource :

Mountain Trekking Near Patalpani

Mountain Trekking Near Patalpani | Image resource :

As soon as we finished water and sky fun activities, we went for a joy ride within the reserved forest which has a lush green environment with colorful butterflies and random species of insects. We walked through the trails of jungle listening to the chirping of birds and the sounds of animals and insects. The canopy was covered green; we could hear the sound of water falling from the heights. I captured stills of some of them in my camera. All in all, I had a wonderful experience at Patalpani. We went back to the hotel room cherishing the sounds of forest!

Colorful Butterflies

Colorful Butterflies | Image Resource :

Insect On Flower

Insect On Flower | Image Resource :


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