Lalbagh Palace Indore – The Epitome of Grandeur

Lalbagh Palace

Lalbagh Palace | Image Resource :

To add a lively spark to our adventurous spirits, we decided to make a visit to Lalbagh Plalace as is in the center of India and the place has always attracted several visitors towards itself with its range of natural resources, rich flora and fauna and urban lifestyle. As we were on a budget travel, we took public transport where four people traveled in total. As soon as we reached Indore, we planned for the day and kept Lalbagh Garden in the hit list. Long ago in the Holkar dynasty, the garden was built over 28 hectares land. Now it holds the position being one of finest destinations for tourist visit in India.

Magnanimous Statue Of Queen Victoria

Magnanimous Statue Of Queen Victoria | Image Resource :

Possessing the rich heritage of ancient India, the Lalbagh Garden is adorned with beautiful gardens with lively colorful flowers and extraordinarily made world-class architecture. It displays a clear and vivid picture of the lifestyle by the Holkars long ago who stayed between the 1886-1921. We noticed a magnanimous statue of Queen Victoria as we entered the garden. The replicas of Buckingham Palace truly represented the art and skill of the artisans in that era. With a nominal entry fee of just Rs.10 for Indians unlike that for the foreigners which is Rs.150, the park is well maintained by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. There is also a museum which preserves the old art and culture as well as the inscriptions made in the Holkar dynasty. A planetarium is built in the compound where a show is organized each day for showing the parts of the universe and our galaxy.

Rose Garden At Lalbagh Palace

Rose Garden At Lalbagh Palace | Image Resource :

The Lalbagh palace is one of the spectral viewpoints in Indore. Maharaja Shivaji Rao had built the classical garden which is now a day surrounded by lush garden and and lawns. The rose garden situated here is one of the largest in India and the pretty faces of the beautiful flower uplifts the mood of each and every visitor with its grace and aroma. We came back to the hotel where we were given excellent facilities and marvelous accommodation to us in this city.


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