Kanch Mandir, Indore – Experience the Sheer Beauty of the shrine

I had the opportunity of visiting the Kanch Mandir in Indore during a family visit this time. The temple is located in the heart of the city so parking can be a problem and I recommend taking a public transport to skip the traffic and the parking horror. The temple is open from 10 am till 5 pm for the public and I entered at 12.The queue is not very long and 4-5 hours are enough to ravel under the surreal beauty of this temple. As I entered the Kanch  Mandir also famously known as the “Sheesh Mahal”, it left me in awe of its sheer beauty. It is a Jain temple and a creation of a prominent Jain leader called Seth Hukumchand.

Kanch Mandir

Kanch Mandir | Image Resource flickr.com/photos/12321267@N05/5419435349

Moving further, I could not help but notice how everything was made of glass and how I could see my own reflection as I passed! Apart from the colored glasses, there is a multitude of lanterns and chandeliers which add to the beauty. There are ceramic designs on the floor and the interior which apart from glass boasts of very clever mosaic designs cannot be missed. It is a heaven for an architect because every bit of work is so fine and intricate.

The entire temple resonates with the stories of the Jain religion and the saints and often there is a reminiscence of the Ramayana stories too. The fine details of the Jain religion and it’s doctrines like Ashta-Karma and the Jain tirthas are explained beautifully. I was transcended into peace and calmness because the quietness is almost infectious. I could feel a sense of peace upon hearing the prayers and the soft lights takes away all the disturbances of the outside world. Even when the temple is located in such a bustling location, its peace remains intact and it feels so undisturbed.

It is a bit of disappointed that I cannot capture such beautiful moments in lens and taking pictures is strictly not allowed. So I soaked in every bit of the beauty in my mind capture as much as  I could  with my eyes!


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