Touring the Rajwada Palace

It was a cloudy day when my friends and I set out to the Rajwada palace. We had all been there with our parents when we were little kids and the grandeur of the palace used to fascinate me. I always used to wish that I could be a king and live in such a huge palace that was so well built and decorated well. All we get are plain colour painted apartments with decorative items hanging here and there on the walls.

Rajwada Palace

Rajwada Palace | Image Resource :

Our gang decided to go there and so I was in naturally. Initially I was a bit apprehensive as I was not sure if it would be interesting. But then, the palace proved that it was worth a visit any time and at any age. The way I looked at it and felt when I was little has changed now completely.

I was greeted by the Ganesha hall which has an arch in the Mughal style. Overall, the palace is built with a blend of both the Mughal and the native Marathan style. There were no words to describe the beauty of the hall.

The palace seven storied and out of which the first three floors from the ground are predominantly stone and the other floors wood. Even the door at the entrance is gigantic and is made of wood. There are several studs made of iron.

As we look around, there are several balconies which have ornamental carvings which are intricate and strike us. These were made by skilled Muslim artisans in those days. The palace has two parts, with one in the centre or where the city’s heart is while the other is in the older parts of the city.

Constructed in 1776, the palace is said to have suffered damages from a fire and there are reconstructions. There are also long winding corridors and rooms that serve as galleries. All the windows are also a splendid sight and made in Mughal style.


Souvenirs | Image Resource :

I purchased some souvenirs from the shop that is run by the Archaeology department of the state and returned home with memories of the trip still lingering in my mind.


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