A day of fun filled adventure at the Somanipuram adventure park

I will never forget my day at the Somanipuram adventure park. For a person like who loves being outdoors and spending time hiking and biking, this place is definitely a heaven. I enjoyed each and every moment in the park.

The speciality of this park is that it aims at building responsible and independent individuals who would in turn understand the core values of professionalism and in turn work with increased productivity and the like.

Somanipuram Adventure Park

Somanipuram Adventure Park | Image Resource : somanipuram.com/somanipuram_gallery.html

There are various activities here that have been included based on experiential programming and this aims to be fun filled too. After I read this motto from the plaque, I was looking forward to what the park had to offer.

Swimming Pool At Somanipuram Park

Swimming Pool At Somanipuram Park | Image Resource : facebook.com/somanipuram

I started out with my long time dream of Bungee jumping and wall climbing.  I wanted to try them out first as my adrenaline was already rearing to go! After that I hit the water rappelling area and then onto the swimming pool. I had a great time here playing with my friends. I wanted to try the water zorbing but there was a long wait for it which put me off.

After drying myself, I tried my hand at the obstacle course and archery. I seemed to fare well at the obstacle course. For those who are coming for corporate treats, there are games specially designed to enhance team building skills, corporate games and so on.

My friends and I then had a lunch at one of the restaurants and went for boating. After that we went to the cricket ground followed by a game of table tennis. The entire infrastructure present was very nice here.

Boating At Somanipuram Park

Boating At Somanipuram Park | Image Resource : mystikalindia.com/2010/07/gavi-eco-tourism/

After the games, we again refreshed ourselves and went to the tent city. After this, we debated whether we should try something else or go and relax around the camp fire. After a long fun filled day everyone decided on camp fire. We all sat around the camp fire and had a great time with music, dance and sumptuous snacks. I made up my mind to definitely visit this park in future to have the time of my life.



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