The Memorable Touring Experience in Indore

As you know if you have read about me, I am a person who loves to travel. I would like to tell a few things to do at Indore. A good holiday or travel starts and ends with the place we stay at. This means that the place that we stay at should be very good and comfortable.

Hotel Amrit Residency

Hotel Amrit Residency | Image Resource :

The Hotel Amrit Residency is very famous and is very comfortable. It has been recommended by many people and I would personally recommend the same too. When it comes to the location, the hotel is located close to the railway station which makes it easy for people to come and stay. During our stay we need not travel a distance to find a decent place to stay.

Lavish Rooms In Hotel Amrit Residency

Lavish Rooms In Hotel Amrit Residency | Image Resource :

The hotel has five floors and there are close to twenty six rooms in there. The rooms are well equipped and are air conditioned. The service is very good and gives a homely feel. The beddings are very comfortable too. Along with a comfortable stay, I could get good food here at the hotel itself. There were several cuisines and the food was very delicious too. I chose some of the top class Punjabi, Chinese and Indian food that was very palatable too.

The hotel also offered facility to host a party or throw a banquet; there are several halls and a banquet hall to avail. We were impressed by the round-the-clock room service which were offered in the room during our stay and the service was very prompt too.

For those who are on a business trip, there are several meeting halls and conference rooms too. A complimentary internet connection is available that we could use of  and it helped me to stay connected with my family, friends and relatives. The hotel offered good parking space and luggage counter was good enough that we could leave our luggage.  The laundry service was also top notch and we managed to get our clothes laundered easily too.

I could tour Indore and come back and relax after a day around the city.


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