Sarafa Bazaar – One-stop Destination To Great Street Foods In Indore

Diwali was just around the corner and my cousin wanted to buy some jewellery. At that last minute, her best friend ditched her; she wanted some company so I become the sacrificial lamb. Initially I said “NO” as I am not into shopping and I know nothing about jewellery, (I know one thing that they are expensive). It was the season of Diwali and I did not want her to hang out alone so later I agreed to join her.

We were going to Sarafa bazaar and she promised me that I would enjoy it. Therefore, we reached there around four and finished our “Shopping” until 5.30pm. My cousin was satisfied about the stuff she bought. I always enjoy hanging out with her; it was somewhat funny “Me shopping for jewellery.” I am used to Road Trips but these Shopping trips are more taxing, but I still had a good time.

Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar | Image Resource :

My sister knows a lot about this place (Sarafa bazaar). One amazing things about this shopping street is that it may be known for its jewellery shop during the day, But as the sun set it turns it into ’A Food Street’, which I didn’t knew. My sister described it as “The Best Chat Bazaar in entire Indore.”

I am an adventurous person; I like to try out new things. I survived my sister’s “Shopping” so derived a little treat from her and she agreed (She had to). So we scoped around the market for delicious dishes and we found many. As time passed, more and more vendors opened their stalls.

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There were numerous stalls and restaurants that severed variety of cuisines especially street foods, which include choley tikeeyas, kachoris, Pani Puri, pav bhaji, maalpua, poha, and list goes on and on. I tasted few chats and they were delicious. I had to agree with my sister, this place has the best/most delicious chats.

For all the foodies out there who are reading this, especially the ones from Indore. You have to visit Sarafa street food. We had an amazing time at Sarafa bazaar. My sister was quite happy and me too. No wonder why, this street is consider as a landmark in Indore. It is filled with food lovers after sunset. If you are in Indore and want to try out some of the local cuisine this is the place to be. Sarafa bazaar is your one-stop-shop to great street food.


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